Monday, 14 January 2008

Frequenze Navali

Casually just before the Iran-is-the-Evil tour of George Bush in Middle East, we come to know about a row on an allegedly possible naval battle on Persian Gulf, on the Epiphany.

The suspect that all happened to set the ground for Georgie Bush is more than a shot in the dark.

Indeed, after one week we already know some funny (or disturbing, depending from the perspective) thing about it.

First, the video shown by Pentagon has been edited, meaning that image and sound came from two different sources and have been put together by Pentagon itself
to give a "better idea of what is happening" (we know it cause the Pentagon itself told us)

Second, Pentagon again told us they're not sure at all of the provenience of the voice, which says "I am coming to you. You will explode in a few minutes." It could come from the shores as well as, brand new suspect, from a mytical and infamous radio prankster wonderfully called "filipino monkey"

No need to go through a discussion on the way in which US is constructing a possible Iranian War with all the means available and with a certain deal of idiocy.

The main point is that on news media everyone has known about the avoided attack. Very few of them will barely know about the superficial, bad-faith and dangerous way in which US are dealing with collective security issues